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Windows configuration made easy

Lots of tweaks to improve your experience

Easy to use and search tweaks

Runs on all the versions of Windows, starting from Windows Vista and all the way up to Windows 8.1
Windows Tweaker
Windows Tweaker now runs in four languages: English, French, German & Russian with support for more languages coming soon.
With more than 100 tweaks, it becomes hard to remember where a setting/tweak resides. So, now you can search your tweaks in your own language.

Windows Tweaker

Windows Tweaker

You don't have to be a Windows expert

More than 100+ tweaks that allow you to customize your system & display settings, schedule shutdowns and lots more. Access to more than 35 Windows tools at your fingertip.


Easy to use

Free & Reliable

Windows Tweaker is completely free to use. We don't distribute any ads.

Enhance your Windows for a improved performance and lower memory consumption.

Windows Tweaker is now Open Source View on Github